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Graca Machel 2

Graca Machel

Children's Right Award
A popular winner was South Africa’s former first lady Graca Machel for her foundation’s work with children. Her humanitarian efforts have crossed borders and even reached global proportions, Graca Machel has spent much of her life dedicated to the advocacy and protection of children’s rights in various parts of the African continent and the world.
Amadou Gallo Fall

Amadou Gallo Fall

Sport Development Award
Amadou Gallo Fall NBA Vice President and Managing Director Amadou Gallo Fall was chosen as the first recipient of the African Leader in Sport Development Award. Gallo Fall said the NBA are determined to ensure that the Africa Rising narrative doesn’t just remain a romantic dream, and that he hopes that the sport of basketball can make a significant difference in the lives of young people.


Philanthropist and Charity Partnership Award
Amarula was recognised in the African Leader in Philanthropist and Charity Partnership Award category for the "DontLetThemDisappear" campaign, which raised global awareness on the plight of the African elephant, where one elephant is lost every 15 minutes to ivory poaching.
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Pennyroyal Gibraltar

Community Safety and Security Award
From Zanzibar, is Mr Saleh Said, the Director of Pennyroyal Gibraltar, an investor in tourism resorts in the Isles, received the African Leader in Community Safety and Security award. Mr Said was awarded for bringing security to villages in Zanzibar, namely Kiboje police station and Jambian Station to serve over 5000 residents.
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Nelson Mandela.

Honorary Award
The Honorary award was awarded to the father of the South African nation Nelson Mandela. His Grandson Ndaba Mandela received the Honorary Award on his behalf.
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Safari Doctors

Good Samaritians
The African continent is awash with numerous villages and tribes that are hidden from society but are in dire need of assistance and services. Founded by Umra Omar, Safari Doctors is one such organisation that has taken it upon themselves to aid small villages and communities hidden from the rest of society but are affected by some of the conflicts in the various countries.
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Tim Tebeila Foundation

Overall Philanthopy Award
Limpopo mining magnate Tim Tebeila was acknowledged for his philanthropic work. He was awarded African Leader in Primary Education funding. Limpopo raised businessman Dr Tebeila experienced first hand the overwhelming oppressive power poverty can have on a community and how it can diminish one's dignity. His past difficulties in getting to school inspired him to establish the Tim Tebeila foundation in 2006.
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The Masisizane Fund

Rural Development Award
The Masisizane Fund, received the African Leader in Rural Development Award at the inaugural African Leaders 4 Change Awards hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre on 21 November 2014. The fund has been a champion for change when it comes to developing and enhancing the lives of entrepreneurs living in rural and Peri-urban townships areas in South Africa.
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Chandaria Foundation

Health Care & Special Needs Award.
Established more than fifty years ago, the Chandaria Foundation, may be one of the oldest foundations on the African continent. The foundation is funded by the Chandaria Family and deals specifically with early childhood education, poverty reduction, and children’s health.
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Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

Overall Philanthopy Award
Following his entrepreneurial journey, Allan Gray and his foundation the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation was honoured with the African Leader in Secondary Education Funding Award for his contribution to the education of secondary students in Southern Africa.
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The Princess of Africa Foundation

Arts and Culture Award
Apart from her musical gifts, Yvonne has also made philanthropic efforts by partnering with numerous organizations and by eventually starting her own foundation, The Princess Foundation in 2006 to advocate for a better life for Africans. Over the years, Yvonne has served as a champion for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, the United Nations MDG Envoy for Africa, and the Goodwill Ambassador for the Roll Back Malaria Partnership. She has also served as an Ambassador for the Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Campaign which raised global awareness of HIV/AIDS.
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Chandaria Foundation

Education Development Award
Anglo American’s broad based black economic empowerment coal producer, Anglo America Inyosi Coal (AAIC) has been making great strides in improving the educational development of South African schools situated near their mines.